NSRF - Support Framework 2021-2027 / How many and which companies will receive 72 Billion Euros


NSRF - Support Framework 2021-2027

The approval of the new NSRF 2021-2027 support package gives a breath of optimism to thousands of start-ups or existing businesses seeking ways and means of support, aiming to sustainable development their.

The NSRF programmes are a unique opportunity and perhaps a way out for many businesses of today, which bear "the wounds" of the covid era and are looking for financial support for the implementation of their investment projects, which they are either unable or find it difficult to obtain from financial institutions. The NSRF is therefore expected to be one of the most powerful Development Tools for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece.

The very good news is that in the new NSRF 2021-2027 programming period it is expected to be included and benefit the most of the business, with the exception of the primary sector, which will receive funding from the rural development fund.

EPIDOSIS is already adequately prepared to stand by your side in this step, as well as in every step of its clients, having staffed from the outset a trained ESPA DEPARTMENT consisting of experienced and specialized consultants.

We are at your side to support your business idea and together we can turn it into a viable investment plan, gathering funding opportunities and selecting the business plan that suits you. Having all the necessary tools, the appropriate human resources as well as the experience required , we can guarantee the success of your investment plan, both in the proposal submission phase and in the implementation phase.

The guide to an NSRF programme, although it may not be obvious, is a complicated task for an entrepreneur and the correctness of the application determines the success of the investment project.

Key priorities of NSRF 2021-2027 programmes

  1. Competitiveness - Entrepreneurship - Innovation

In particular, the Competitiveness programme, as a tool for implementing Smart Specialisation, links research and innovation with entrepreneurship. The aim of the programme is to meet the needs of enterprises in terms of information, support for partnerships, as well as human and investment resources.

2.Digital Transformation

On the other hand, the "Digital Transformation" programme for small and medium-sized enterprises is about increasing the competitiveness of enterprises through the integration of new information technologies that contribute to their digital transformation.

Within the framework of the programme, the following are included and subsidised:

  • Expenditure on the supply & installation of software & process automation systems
  • Infrastructure for remote working
  • Task management and process automation systems

Having successfully managed previous cycles of NSRF programmes, the Epidosis team is at the side of entrepreneurs who want to renew their business equipment, know-how, increase their staff and gain many more benefits, providing the competitive advantage that will make them differentiate themselves.

We invite you to trust and contact one of the Epidosis Consultants at our offices in Thessaloniki or Athens and take advantage of from the specialized advisory services related to the preparation of your appropriate investment plan.

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