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Our Accounting-Tax department, with over 30 years of experience, expands its activity in the purchase & sale of real estate through a privileged costing model. The creation of the new real estate department comes to complete our successful course so far, with the addition of specialized executives connected with luxury owned and non-owned real estate.

The high quality of services, consistency and excellent communication alongside the specialized accounting knowledge we have acquired over the years will contribute to the successful handling of every challenge both in Greece and abroad for the connection - transfer of real estate.

At Epidosis, finding and costing the luxury home is only the beginning – alongside the deal, we undertake the entire transfer process and thoroughly analyze each legislation to connect the property with the lowest possible taxation.

The EPIDOSIS network of agents represents the most authentic luxury real estate market shaper in Halkidiki, Greece and the Balkans. The goal of EPIDOSIS is to create a unique experience in the field of REAL ESTATE. Having listened to the needs of the market and the needs of the investor, EPIDOSIS undertakes the entire process from the search for the property to the final delivery and completion of the assignment.

The experienced staff and know-how of EPIDOSIS is immediately available and cooperates in the successful completion of a project undertaken by EPIDOSIS, supporting it throughout the process in terms of legal, accounting-tax representation, NSRP programs, etc.

  1.     Expert staff, available to assist where needed
  2.     Service points in Thessaloniki, Athens, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland
  3.     Cooperation with experienced and certified real estate appraisers.
  4.     Legal department that will support you throughout the buying and selling procedures
  5.     Golden Visa: we handle all the process required to obtain it
  6.     Accounting department with long-term experience that will provide you with a variety of services.
  7.     Establishment of a network of partners according to your needs

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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