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Internal Audit – Tax Audit

The process of Tax Audits is quite painful for any form of business, when it is not preceded by a regular internal audit in the accounting department of each company by experienced auditors.

. EPIDOSIS specializes in providing auditing services to individuals and legal entities to deal with tax audits that may be conducted by the Financial Crime Unit (FCU), the Centre for the Control of Large Taxpayers (CCLT), the Centre for the Control of Large Enterprises (CCLE) the competent Public Financial Services (PFS) and Customs.

The areas where tax controls are focused are listed below:

  • Audit of the books, data and financial statements of the company
  • Investigation of the company’s current bank accounts for domestic and foreign remittances
  • checking for the issue or receipt of fictitious (false) invoices
  • Intensive checks for money laundering by front persons

Focusing on prevention and proper handling, you can rely on our experience in resolving tax audits as we guarantee that we will ensure proper handling.

We provide each audited company or individual with:

  • Legal support in collaboration with our legal department, specialised in tax law, to deal with tax infringement issues
  • Providing services for the drafting and submission of appeals to the Dispute Resolution Directorate (DRD)
  • Internal tax control on deposits (domestic – foreign)
  • Control of transactions with related parties (intra-group transactions-transfer pricing)


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