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Q&A: The 5 Most Common Questions about ESPA Programs

1. Who are eligible beneficiaries?

All businesses operating in the Greek territory with a Greek VAT number are potential beneficiaries of subsidized ESPA programs.

2. We can support you in the following Active ESPA programs 2021-2027:

  • Support for the Establishment and Operation of New Tourist Businesses
  • Support for the Establishment and Operation of New Small and Medium Businesses
  • Establishment of Businesses & Support for New & Existing Media in the areas of Fair Transition Territorial Plans of Western Macedonia & Megalopolis
  • Digital Transformation of Media
  • Green Transformation of Media

3. What services does EPIDOSIS provide?

Our services are outlined as follows:

  • Consultation and Investment Planning with the creation of a financing plan to effectively and efficiently support investment implementation
  • Evaluation of the investment and integration into the appropriate subsidy program with support during the implementation period
  • Access to banking financing on favorable terms, as well as loans with preferential interest rates through T.A.A
  • Dynamic adjustment of the tool mix to new opportunities offered by new programs

4. What is the process followed?

We submit and monitor each project up to final verification, contributing to the implementation of our clients’ business ideas for sustainable development, moving forward together into the future! We have successfully secured significant ESPA funds for our clients. Through well-organized processes, we have covered almost the entire spectrum of business sectors, effectively supporting the modernization of many businesses, with a 97% approval rate, despite market challenges and adverse conditions.

5. Beyond ESPA, in which programs can EPIDOSIS support you?

We can support you in:

  • Investments under Development Law
  • Strategic investments
  • Business loans with preferential interest rates

Why Epidosis?

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