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Action 3 – Digital transformation of cutting-edge SMEs

This concerns enterprises that have already integrated ICT in many of their operations and are now seeking to implement integrated investments investments in cutting-edge technologies or 4th industrial revolution solutions.

The budget (M/F) of the funding application is set between €200,001 and €1,200,000 as the aid rate ranges from 50% to 60% (depending on the size of the company and the Region).

Eligible Expenditure:

  • Equipment costs (indicative): purchase of sophisticated systems for remote operation of facilities, automation of the different stages of the value chain (production – transport – storage), production / storage / transport with robotic systems, upgrading of internal data transfer networks, etc.
  • Software expenditure (indicative): Supply of intelligent applications for management and financial planning, digital security, customer and supply chain management, data analysis with artificial intelligence tools, production optimisation, upgrading of services, etc.
  • Expenditure for the provision of services related to digital upgrading (indicative): consultancy and technical support for the configuration and integration of the new systems in the operation of SMEs, certification of systems, etc.

The evaluation of funding applications will be immediate (FiFo / First In – First Out) and investment projects will be evaluated in the order they are submitted until the Action’s budget per category of region is exhausted.

For more information please contact the EPIDOSIS team by sending an interest form and we will contact you directly.