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Financial Statements of Individual / Partners

At EPIDOSIS, we support you throughout the tax year, as we are always by your side in every service offered. With science, knowledge and specialty of the legislation, we undertake to manage the financial statements of businesses and individuals. Precisely:

  • Basic Financial Data
  • Establishments, initiations, changes, mergers, suspensions of sole proprietorships, liquidations of companies
  • Maintenance of B & C category books
  • Transactions with the State
  • Supervision of the business by a specialized accountant per client
  • Accounting monitoring aimed at serving the company’s information needs
  • We make commendations every two months for the development of the company and every four months for natural persons
  • Compilation and submission of withholding tax returns
  • Compilation of end-of-year financial statements
  • Organization, monitoring and supervision of internal business accounting
  • Business payroll compliance
  • Advice on labor and insurance legislation
  • Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
  • Compilation of accounting – financial statements in accordance with the current legislation (VAT – Income)
  • Accounting analyses, financial results (Financial Reporting)

Why Epidosis?

Great experience since 1986

We have the necessary experience to organize and implement your business idea.

360° Services

We offer complete solutions, from the establishment of a company to its legal representation.

Personalised Tax Planning

We tailor our tax planning to your specific needs in order to achieve the right result.

High Specialization

Our considerable experience in setting up a company abroad is our passport to ensuring that your new venture is a complete success.