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Expand Your Business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the friendliest countries for investment and can be described as a tax and insurance paradise both in the Balkans and the European Union in general.

Establishing a company in Bulgaria is a 100% legal procedure and you are considered on-shore, in addition to enjoying all the privileges of a member of the European Union. The The tax rate for company profits is a fixed 10%. While the dividend tax is 5% and is taxed only in Bulgaria.

At the same time, the country enjoys all the advantages of the European legislation – free movement of people, goods & capital and is included in several development programs.

In addition, the process of establishing a company in Bulgaria is quick and simple, without bureaucratic obstacles, with all professions being open and accessible.

Why Epidosis?

Great experience since 1986

We have the necessary experience to organize and implement your business idea.

360° Services

We offer complete solutions, from the establishment of a company to its legal representation.

Personalised Tax Planning

We tailor our tax planning to your specific needs in order to achieve the right result.

High Specialization

Our considerable experience in setting up a company abroad is our passport to ensuring that your new venture is a complete success.

Personalised Tax Planning in Bulgaria

Establishment of LTD in Bulgaria and a branch in Greece

Advantages of establishing LTD in Bulgaria

Establishment of Holding Company in Bulgaria

Global income - Tax Resident in Bulgaria

Tax Wallet in Bulgaria


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