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Our Philosophy

We provide high-standard legal services tailored to the specificities of each case, building a relationship of trust with our clients.

With specialized legal training, responsibility, professionalism, and extensive experience, our legal team undertakes the resolution of complex legal issues and provides legal guidance to every interested party, aiming at the effective legal protection and safeguarding of their interests/rights, promoting the lawful, secure, and structured development of their business.

Our team consistently and reliably provides legal support to our clients at every stage of their business activities, as well as on a personal level, offering a wide range of specialized legal services tailored to modern conditions.

Civil Law

Resolution of civil law issues and safeguarding the rights of each party involved.

Real Estate Law

Resolution of civil law issues and safeguarding the rights of each party involved.

Commercial Law

Resolution of legal issues in commercial law and safeguarding the rights of every business or entrepreneur.


Complete legal coverage and guidance during the purchase and sale of recreational vessels under Greek and foreign flags (EU or non-EU), as well as during their commercial exploitation.

Foreigners Law

Representation and provision of legal services to foreign investors or non-investors aiming to obtain residency permits in Greece.

Criminal Law

Legal coverage on matters of Criminal Law and safeguarding the rights of each individual involved.

Our Values


With dedication, responsibility, and respect for the needs of our clients during the handling of each case, we strive to promptly pursue the safest and most suitable solutions for our clients.


With our team’s extensive experience and scientific legal training, we thoroughly analyze each case, in collaboration and communication with our client. We propose and advise, negotiate and guide, aiming for the best possible solution for them.


Dealing individually with each case and its unique aspects, Taking into account the possible specificities of each case with professionalism and methodical approach, confidentiality and creative spirit, we establish relationships of trust with our clients, offering them a sense of security and building a relationship of mutual respect. Our goal is the successful outcome of their legal case and/or the protection of every aspect of their economic activity.

Why choose us?

Personalization & Effectiveness

You will receive comprehensive and personalized legal services from our experienced and trained legal team, aiming for the most effective safeguarding of your interests.

In-depth analysis of your case

We thoroughly evaluate the nature and specificities of your case and provide legal support tailored to its needs.

Quality & Consistency

With a focus on ensuring quality in the provision of our legal services, we provide continuous updates on the progress of your case and aim for the fastest and most effective outcome for you.

You can send us a message on the Contact FormFormor you can call at our offices in Athens 2106810690 or in Thessaloniki 2310477725 to analyse all the above.

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