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Accounting Services

EPIDOSIS provides high quality accounting services for all businesses.

At EPIDOSIS our staff has the necessary science, training and experience to support the accounting department of any business effectively, consistently and responsibly.

Focused on Personalized Tax Planning we approach each business plan with a different strategy. We adapt our accounting services to the business challenges and adversities of every modern enterprise, creating a plan for success.

With 30 years of experience, we aim to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and reliability with our clients. For us, each client is unique, and we deal seriously and respectfully all issues that may concern them.

Specifically, we provide each business with:

  • Accounting monitoring aimed at serving the company’s information needs
  • Organization, monitoring and supervision of internal business accounting
  • Business payroll compliance
  • Advice on labor and insurance legislation
  • Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
  • Handling tasks and transactions with public authorities (Tax Office, Social Security, Chamber of Commerce, and Professional Associations).
  • Compilation of accounting – financial statements in accordance with the current legislation (VAT – Income)
  • Accounting analyses, financial results (Financial Reporting)


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