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Active programmes

Funding programs embody a new philosophy allowing the combination of subsidies and banking tools to implement any investment project. At EPIDOSIS, as Business Development Consultants, we assist in the planning and implementation of the investment plan, enabling you to choose the right tools, utilizing ESPA programs to secure the necessary funds.

We can support you in:

  • Investments through ESPA
  • Investments under Development Law
  • Strategic investments
  • Business loans with preferential interest rates

Our services are outlined as follows:

  • Consulting and Investment Planning with the creation of a financing plan to support the effective and efficient implementation of the investment.
  • Evaluation of the investment and integration
  • Access to banking financing
  • Dynamic adjustment

The new “ESPA 2021-2027” has a strong developmental impact through actions and projects with high added value and multiplier benefits for both society and the economy – contributing to the maximum in initiating a new cycle of prosperity for all post-pandemic.

All businesses that operate in the Greek territory and have a Greek VAT number are potential beneficiaries of the ESPA subsidized programs.

ESPA Subsidized Programs:

2021 – 2027: €26.2 billion

+€30.5 billion Recovery Fund

EPIDOSIS has experienced personnel with decades of experience in subsidized programs and financing. In collaboration with you, taking into account your specificities, we undertake to create a comprehensive access plan to capital. The plan can combine the right subsidy tools and simultaneously utilize all opportunities for favorable bank financing.

We can support you in the following Active ESPA Programs 2021-2027:

  • Support for the Establishment and Operation of New Tourist Businesses
  • Support for the Establishment and Operation of New Small and Medium Businesses
  • Establishment of Businesses & Support for New & Existing Μedia in the areas of Territorial Fair Transition Plans of the Western Macedonia Region & Megalopolis
  • Digital Transformation of Media
  • Green Transformation of Media


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