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Payroll management of companies

With in-depth knowledge and expertise in labour and insurance legislation, EPIDOSIS undertakes to manage the payroll of any company that employs staff.

Ensuring the immediacy, validity, confidentiality (GDPR) of employees’ personal data, as well as the specifics of each employment contract, we provide important work such as:

  • Calculation, issue and management of payroll (payment receipts per employee, issue of payroll accounting article and payroll
  • Payroll and costing scenarios per employee and per specialty, for the information of the entrepreneur
  • Management and submission of records to all insurance funds (EFKA)
  • Digital submission to the ERGANI system of recruitment, departures, dismissals and annual staff statements
  • Electronic submission of monthly salary statements and tax returns
  • Census of employers in all social security funds
  • Calculation of remuneration of managers in companies


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