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Smart Manufacturing

The “Smart Manufacturing” action is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund. The objective of the action is to accelerate industrial transition through the digitalisation of business and production functions to increase business competitiveness and create a resilient industry.
It is targeted to:
  • Existing manufacturing enterprises are enterprises that have closed two or more financial years by 31/12/2021.
  • New manufacturing enterprises are enterprises that have not completed two financial years by 31/12/2021
  • Enterprises must have the legal form: SA, LTD, PE, SE, EU, PCC and sole proprietorships.

What is financed?
The programme finances investment projects with a budget of between €250,000 and €6,000,000.

Indicative interventions that can be implemented in the context of the investment projects submitted by potential beneficiaries under the programme include the following:

Digitization of production lines using Industry 4.0 technologies, Automation and interconnection of supply chains, design and production of smart products and services, application of Smart Manufacturing technologies to improve cost efficiency, Quality Assurance and Risk Management, feasibility studies and market research for the development of new smart products/services Under the programme, expenditure for:

  • Mechanical equipment,
  • Building facilities,
  • Specific building facilities for the introduction of new technologies, e.g. 5G high-speed network infrastructure,
  • Laboratory and quality control equipment,
  • ICT & software equipment, software licenses,, IT security services,
  • Product design services, intellectual property, patents,
  • Certification costs, technical consulting services for implementing new IT infrastructure and software for the digital transformation of the business or for conducting feasibility analysis for the development of new smart products and services,
  • consultancy services for the monitoring of the investment project,
  • Training of staff and workforce in the new technologies of Industry 4.0.

Grant rates