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Personalised tax plan

At Epidosis taking into account the specificities of each company, we develop and implement a personalized tax plan, in order to provide accurate and timely tax information while creating a competitive business advantage.

In an ever-changing tax regime with new laws, regulations and interpretative circulars, businesses must, harmonize with correctness, validity and reliability, in order to prevent unforeseen situations, such as fines, surcharges and other charges.

Epidosis experienced executives have as a priority the harmonization of businesses to the changes in tax and insurance legislation, providing high quality personalized tax planning, ensuring every modern businessman Tax Money.

More specifically, we provide every business and taxpayers with:

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns and financial statements for individuals and legal entities
  • Tax technical services for the declaration and taxation of real estate of companies and individuals
  • Full coverage on tax audits and settlement of tax issues with the auditing authorities, such as the Financial Crime Unit (F.E.O.E.), the Centre for the Control of High Wealth Taxpayers (K.E.F.ME.P.), the Centre for the Control of Large Enterprises (KE.ME.EP.) and the relevant Public Financial Services (D.O.Y.)
  • Specialization in taxation of foreign residents and avoidance of double taxation
  • Global Income – Special treatment in the taxation of individuals
  • Transfer pricing, preparation and updating of documentation files
  • Tax Seminars addressed to all companies and their executives, to meet their needs and adapt to tax and insurance data


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