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Establishment of a Branch of a Bulgarian Company in Greece

EPIDOSIS, with a physical presence in Bulgaria, can contribute to the expansion of your business from Bulgaria to Greece while maintaining your headquarters in Bulgaria and keeping management in your hands. This can be achieved by establishing a branch in Greece..

In case you have a company in the neighboring country (Bulgaria), we undertake the establishment of a branch in Greece, ensuring several positive outcomes for you:

  • The legal representative of the foreign branch in Greece is not subject to social security contributions to EFKA
  • The legal representative is not subject to personal taxation. Therefore, they do not receive compensation from the branch in their personal income statement and are not taxed.
  • Dividend distribution tax in Greece (5% on corporate profits after taxes) does not apply to the case of a foreign branch, as the profits after taxes are repatriated to Bulgaria and taxed there.
  • The legal representative of the branch, with a Greek VAT number, represents the company and is not sought after by Greek authorities for tax and insurance updates.
  • The taxation of the foreign branch is subject to Greek law with a 22% tax on net profits, but with the help of consolidated financial statements, we manage to find a balance in the tax burden.
  • Intra-community transactions (without VAT) through the Parent company in Bulgaria and the branch in Greece.
  • Jointly shaped cash reserves with the headquarters abroad providing flexibility in capital transfer and internal lending.

The branch of the Bulgarian company in Greece has:

  • A Greek VAT number, falls under the Tax Office for Anonymous Companies, and can conduct all transactions, including intra-community ones.
  • Regular inclusion in VAT.
  • Fiscal Cash Register or Fiscal Mechanism.
  • Keeps duplicate books (Category C).
  • Employs staff with EFKA insurance holding an Employer Registration Number.
  • Rents facilities in our country (store, office, production unit, warehouse, etc.)
  • Can have any CAE (Class of Economic Activity).
  • Operates and is treated in all matters like other Greek companies.
  • Has an EORI number and can handle customs clearances in Greece.
  • Has an IBAN in a Greek bank and can perform all banking transactions.
  • Can participate in ESPA actions to receive subsidies.
  • Has the ability to purchase properties in Greece.

The branch of the Bulgarian company in Greece, beyond expanding into the thriving Greek market, will enhance the image of your business, making it multinationaland adding additional tax advantages to its activities. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced executives to discuss all the above in a personalized tax planning meeting...

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Establishment of a Branch of a Greek Company in Bulgaria

Expansion of the company abroad

Consolidated Balance Sheet of Greek and Bulgarian Company

Competitive Advantage - Expansion into a new market

Intra-Community transactions without VAT

Minimised Tax Burden