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We believe that every professional should develop their business without barriers and obstacles. To be able, unaffected by tax, accounting and legal issues, to create a functional, profitable and continuously evolving company. To invest his time and focus on making strategic decisions that will yield profit and growth. That's why we created Epidosis.

Personalised tax planning and tailoring to your needs, speed, security, confidentiality and long experience in all countries where we have offices - Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria - as well as a network of specialised partners across Europe. Ο integrated tax planning we offer, with a huge range of core and complementary services, will embrace every aspect of your business and take you steadily to the top.

Since 1986, we have managed to lead hundreds of businesses to growth and profitability. Our next goal - the development of your own business!

The provision of personalized tax planning through comprehensive support and high level services regarding the establishment and incorporation of companies, accounting and legal support, translation services as well as the organization and handling of various types of investments in the countries of the Cyprus, of Bulgaria, of Poland and of course Greece.

  1. Excellent communication, quality of service, consistency of speech and work
  2. In-depth expertise in the implementation of personalised tax planning
  3. Specialisation in the provision of insurance, accounting, auditing and legal services
  4. Physical presence with offices in Greece, Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus
  5. Measurable results through monthly reports
  6. Overall support for any issue that may arise in Greece and abroad

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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