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The creation and successful operation of a company is the result of a number of factors. An important role is played by the desire for success, commitment to the result, favourable prospects, strategic planning and the implementation of all the necessary actions that will lead to growth and sustainability.

Epidosis undertakes the overall support of your company while offering consulting services fully tailored to your needs. Our goal is to satisfy your professional aspirations both in the business environment of Greece as well as in Κύπρο και Bulgaria.

Each company is approached as a unique business entity and each project needs unique solutions that will yield the best results. With our years of experience and expertise we will aptly identify the full scope of your requirements and provide complete and customized accounting support.

The high quality of service, consistency and excellent communication along with the high level of accounting knowledge we have acquired over the years will contribute to the successful handling of any challenge in Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria.

At Epidosis, setting up a company abroad is just the beginning - alongside the development of your business we will offer you comprehensive accounting support. Immediately available companies ready to perform any commercial activity, establishment of a foreign branch in Greece with headquarters abroad and personalised counselling will help the business to move into new markets and gain a global profile.

  1. Correct and successful entry of all documents issued by your company
  2. Overall VAT submission procedure.
  3. Processing of VAT refund requests.
  4. Integrated submission of tax return applications
  5. Accurate balance sheet preparation
  6. Detailed calculation of the corporate payroll
  7. Compiling and sending monthly reports in the language of your choice

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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