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Audit, legal, translation, accounting services as well as a set of support services that will cover all of your business activity. The continuous fluidity of the economic and business environment has been the reason for the search for new opportunities by more and more entrepreneurs. The main objective is low taxation, reduction of red tape, low operating costs of administration, stability in the banking, legal and tax systems as well as a high level of financial services, in environments that encourage growth and are friendly to business.

Companies are now invited to overcome the narrow borders of their countries and look for solutions and options in new markets by adopting a global profile. This new model of the global company that has begun and is taking shape is accessible and affordable to every entrepreneur. However, along with the numerous advantages, a set of new needs and requirements is also created.

High training and unique solutions that fully respond to each business – yours. The integrated services we offer will shield you from any issue that arises with speed, safety and efficiency.

Gain easier access to international markets and significant competitive advantages by moving your company's headquarters abroad while maintaining a branch in Greece.

Establishment of a company abroad with the choice of the most appropriate legal form and the possibility of obtaining immediately available companies with full tax and insurance awareness and all the necessary certificates.

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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