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Q&A: 5 Answers about Establishing/Expanding a Company in Cyprus | Case of Cyprus

1. What is the suitable location for an entrepreneur?

In modern financial trends, businesses are constantly seeking new opportunities and potentials. The choice of the right location for establishing or expanding a business is more critical than ever. And this is where Cyprus comes to the fore.

2. Why should someone choose Cyprus to establish their company? What advantages does its internationalism provide? What advantages does its external orientation provide?

In Cyprus, we succeed in operating in a stable tax environment, where corporate tax is 12,5%, the dividend distribution tax is zero, and there are significantly reduced employee social security contributions of around 25%. Of course, we cannot overlook the avoidance of double taxation between Greece and Cyprus for Tax Resident Foreigners, as well as the taxation of worldwide income.

3. Can you provide an example (case solution) of one of your clients?

Mr. Manolis attempted to establish a company in Cyprus with the goal of providing support as a Web Developer for a major project in the United States. By undertaking the Accounting support for his company, we managed to apply the provisions and provide Personalized Tax Planning to avoid Double Taxation between Greece and Cyprus, saving him €28,000 in extra tax burdens and fines..

4. What should one pay attention to when establishing a company abroad, specifically in Cyprus?

It is important for the company to comply with the relevant tax and insurance legislation. To ensure the proper functioning of your business, we provide the necessary services for the Registered Office of your Company in Cyprus, such as renting a professional office address, utility bill payments, creating a website for the Cypriot company, corporate identity, registration in business directories in Cyprus, etc. These are business tools that prove your business for tax purposes.

5. What process is followed after the establishment of a company in Cyprus?

Immediately after the company is established, we conduct a tax seminar for the entrepreneur, adjusting Tax and Insurance obligations to the state of Cyprus, according to their business activity, and the goals they want to achieve. The tax seminar is repeated annually and ad hoc, in case there are changes and modifications.

We proceed with an analysis of the comparative chart illustrating the tax and insurance burdens, resulting in the net income of the entrepreneur.

You can send us a message on the Contact Form  or you can call at our offices in Athens   2106810690 on in Thessaloniki 2310477725 to set the date of the seminar.

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