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Transformation of Individual Enterprises into an IKE with NSRF subsidy / Case study

The IKE (Private Company with Limited Liability) stands as the most successful type of company for those interested in engaging in the business sphere. Let’s see why:

The case:

Two small IT companies – individual enterprises (Software House & Web Development) each employing 5 staff members (software engineers, sales, and administrative support), undertake projects in the private sector.

Taxable Income in 2023 amounted to €200,000 for each business, resulting in a combined profit of €400,000 for the 2 Individual Enterprises.

The change:

The Individual Enterprises are in a rapid growth phase and plan to double their staff and increase their taxable income to €500,000 each by 2024, , resulting in a combined profit of €1,000,000 pre-tax. They aim to achieve this through undertaking projects in the private sector, strategic partnerships with larger groups, participating in public tenders and utilizing Recovery Fund resources.

What EPIDOSIS did:

We proposed the transformation and simultaneous merger of the 2 Individual Enterprises, each with 5 employees, into 1 IKE, incorporating all the advantages of the Transformation alongside the absorption of a NSRF program for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Benefits of the transformation:

30% discount on Income Tax payment on pre-tax profits. Duration of the discount extended to 9 tax years (from the next year of the N.P. establishment) Transfer to the IKE of all rights and claims held by the individual from international, European, or national bodies Παρέμειναν σε ισχύ contributions from the individual.

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