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82% of employers in Greece struggle to find talent

82% of employers in Greece struggle to find talent, ranking our country among the top four globally, alongside Japan, Germany, and Israel, in terms of a high talent shortage rate, according to the Annual ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey for 2024. The talent shortage in Greece reflects a decade-high record, surpassing the global average by 7% (75%).

The increase in the difficulty of finding talent is continuous,rising from 42% in 2014 to 82% in 2024.The sectors of Communication Services and Industry & Construction show the highest talent shortage at a rate of 89%. 89%In the Energy and Utilities sector, as well as in the Consumer Goods and Services industries, there is also a high talent shortage, ranging from 88% to 85%.

The demand for talent in the Information Technology sector is exceptionally high with 74% of organizations stating difficulty in finding suitable professionals. The survey also highlights the challenges faced by large enterprises, as almost 87% of employers in organizations with 250-999 employees struggle to find suitable talent.

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