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The Importance of Education in Entrepreneurship

In contrast to previous generations, young workers significantly prioritize their working conditions and seek a balance between their professional and personal lives. Their development is not limited solely to increasing their salaries but also to the continuous development of their skills.

Most young workers seek opportunities for training and advancement from their employers and demand transparency in evaluation and promotion processes. They are more willing to take on horizontal or vertical moves within the company and change employers more easily, either at the national or international level.

Many of them have not adapted to the logic of the global market; the use of tools and technical training is limited, and they perceive education more as an expense than an investment.

Education is not a static process , but a continuous development contributing to acquiring knowledge, skill development, attitude change, and adaptation to new conditions. The benefits of this process include improved productivity, flexibility, adoption of new technologies and processes, quality improvement, and increased profitability..

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EPIDOSIS is a company providing specialized consulting services that comprehensively support the stability and growth of business esa in the following areas: 1. Tax Analysis