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5 Reasons to Establish // Expand Your Business in Greece or Abroad

1. Personalized Tax Planning based on combined Tax Legislation

  • Greece 
  • Cuprus 
  • Bulgaria

Compared to the average corporate taxation in the European Union, a favorable tax rate in Greece of 22% on company profits and 5% on shareholders’ dividends

2. Low Tax rate in Cyprus Low Tax rate in Cyprus 
12.5% in company profits and 0% in shareholder dividends

3. Extremely Low Tax rate in Bulgaria 10% on company profits and 5% on shareholders’ dividends

4. Avoidance of Double Taxation (DTA) between Greece – Cyprus – Bulgaria

5. Global Income Management for Tax Residents Abroad (GIT)

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10 Q&A about Bulgarian Companies

1. What are the comparative advantages of a Bulgarian company compared to a Greek company? A Bulgarian company ensures that 90% of net profits are