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CFO // The Strategic Advisor of the Enterprise

The modern CFO has taken on a multifaceted role as the strategic advisor of the enterprise, actively contributing to its future development planning. To effectively execute this role, the CFO requires a capable team in financial management, supported be new tools and operational planning technologies.. These tools enable efficient management of business operations and assessment of needs, opportunities, and risks in the consumer goods sector.

Moreover, , the CFO must accelerate digital transformation, utilizing new technologies for data analysis and devising new strategies for the enterprise. Digital transformation highlights the importance of harnessing vast amounts of data to create insights that drive product development and provide seamless consumer experiences. Through investment in new technologies such as e-commerce, businesses businesses benefit from the ability to address new market demands and consumer behaviors.

The CFO’s role extends beyond financial reporting, as they actively engage in managing non-financial information such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. By analyzing this information, the CFO assists in shaping strategic decisions that enhance corporate value and provide a competitive advantage.

Lastly, the focus is on the proper integration of new technologies and the creation of a suitably skilled workforce. Through this evolution, the CFO becomes the primary advocate of digital and green transformation, contributing to both the protection and enhancement of the enterprise’s value chain.

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EPIDOSIS is a company providing specialized consulting services that comprehensively support the stability and growth of business esa in the following areas: 1. Tax Analysis


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Our Philosophy We provide high-standard legal services tailored to the specificities of each case, building a relationship of trust with our clients. With specialized legal