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The meaning of taxation today

When incomes come from various sources and are taxed unequally, distortions occur in the economy.

Resources are not directed towards the most productive activities but rather towards those that artificially create opportunities. In our country, there has been discriminatory treatment for decades between salaried workers and independent professionals. This happens not because of more favorable tax terms for freelancers but because it is easier to conceal their activities.

This inequality in state treatment leads to a higher participation of self-employment in the Greek economy compared to other European countries. This structure negatively affects public finances, competitiveness, and the trade balance.

The government’s proposals to combat tax evasion focus on imposing a minimum tax based on objective income criteria. However, legitimate concerns about justice and side effects must be taken into account.

As the measure is implemented, it is important important to avoid incentives for withdrawal from the labor market and to address different professional groups fairly and equitably. A framework of simple and systematic rules is necessary to reduce overall tax evasion in the economy and encourage growth.

Overall, there must be a cohesive approach aimed at creating an environment that benefits the economyby reducing the informal sector and encouraging organized, productive, and transparent work.

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