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Get your own photovoltaic system with a subsidy from EPIDOSIS!

Αt EPIDOSIS, we recognize the importance of using sustainable energy sources for businesses and contribute to the absorption of special financing programs that support the implementation of photovoltaic projects with Net Metering system.

// Benefits

Photovoltaic systems combined with Net Metering are critical for transitioning to sustainable energy practices. By using these systems, businesses can:

  • Reduce their energy costs by increasing their revenues
  • Contribute to environmental protection by enhancing their ESG actions


  • Borrowers may be legal entities, sole proprietorships, freelancers, and professional Farmers registered in the Farmers and Rural Enterprises Registry.
  • Loan duration up to 7 years
  • Grace period up to 3 months
  • Loan amount up to 1 million €
  • Financing up to 100% of the investment with competitive terms and favorable interest rates, ensuring economic efficiency
  • Floating interest rate 2.00% + Euribor 3-month + contribution Law 128/75 128/75
  • The project must meet the criteria of 100% consumption of electricity for the same needs through the net-metering process

Don’t let the sun pass you by – invest in your future and save with solar energy. Contact us today to learn how you can get your own loan and start green energy! Contact us today to find out how you can get your own loan and start going green!

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