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Rural Development Programs: EPIDOSIS, your ally

The new program of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2023-2027 includes funding opportunities for individuals and collective entities. Funding is allocated to Direct Payments (Pillar 1), Sectoral Programs (Pillar 2), and Rural Development Programs (Pillar 3).

Direct Payments

In Pillar 1 Direct Payments, we have Basic Payment, Redistributive Payment, various associated payments, and Ecological Schemes. Producers apply for these payments by submitting the Single Application for Aid (SAA) to the Hellenic Paying Agency for Agriculture Payments (OPEKEPE) every year.

With the application, they declare their agricultural holdings (land and animals) and request subsidies. The SAA serves as the basis for implementing all programs aimed at farmers, making its accurate submission crucial.

Rural Development

Among the rural development actions, we present five key ones that concern the majority of producers:

  • Commitments and Non-Productive Investments for Environment and Climate
  • Investment Plans
  • New Farmers
  • Collaboration Interventions
  • Rural Areas Development

We undertake the application submission and support for all funding programs relevant to existing, new, and under-formation businesses, as well as for all subsidy possibilities for farmers.

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