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Anonymous Company: Everything You Need to Know

An anonymous company is a form of capital company with independent legal personality. It bears exclusive responsibility for its debts, which are serviced through its own assets. . The company’s capital is divided into shares. It is considered commercial regardless of its object or purpose, even if it does not involve conducting commercial activities.

The relevant law governing anonymous companies applies to all of them, with the observation that there are specific regulations for those with shares or other titles listed on regulated markets. These special provisions also apply to companies with shares traded on the Alternative Market, but only when explicitly stated.

Upon the establishment of a company, the initial capital must be deposited. The time given for the payment of any capital increases is determined by the competent authority and cannot be less than fourteen days or more than four months from the registration of the relevant decision in the General Commercial Registry.

The payment of the initial capital or increases, as well as shareholder deposits for future increases, must be made to a special account of the company in a credit institution in Greece or the EEA. If the money is used for the company’s purposes, non-payment into the account does not lead to invalidity, provided for by the articles of association or the capital increase decision.

The contribution may be made through the offsetting of the company’s debts to the contributor, provided for by the capital increase decision. . This must be confirmed by a certified auditor or audit firm. Offsetting is prohibited in cases of capitalization of claims within the framework of restructuring or reorganization under the Bankruptcy Code.

The payment of the capital must be certified by either a certified auditor, an audit firm, or the board of directors. . Certification must be made within the first two months of the company’s establishment or within one month of the expiry of the payment deadline for a capital increase.

The report of the certified auditor or audit firm, as well as the minutes of the board of directors, must specify the special circumstances of payment or payment through offsetting. . Certification of payment for contributions in kind is made by the board of directors regardless of the size of the company.

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