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Digital Work Card – Modern Personnel Timekeeping Software with EPIDOSIS Power Team

The Digital Work Card, implemented under Law 4808/2021 for the Protection of Labor, serves as a guarantee for adhering to the employee’s working hours, managing overtime, and ensuring the proper implementation of working time arrangements.

It is an innovative tool that allows the accurate real-time recording of working hours for all employees, as requested by the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE).

The Digital Work Card was introduced on July 1, 2022, across all banks in the country and supermarkets with more than 250 employees. Gradually, it will expand to all businesses in the country, regardless of size or industry, reshaping the employment landscape in Greece.

EPIDOSIS' POWER TEAM can provide you with modern Personnel Timekeeping Software connected to the Digital Work Card to meet your needs.

Integration with ERGANI II for the implementation of the digital work card.
Security locks, automatic reminders, and alerts.
Direct connection to terminals from ZKTeco and HIKVISION companies.
Numerous configurations to protect the enterprise from human errors.
Notifications in case of schedule violations or unauthorized actions.

The software is highly adaptable to your business needs, evolving based on legal developments and your requests.

The timekeeping application:
– Monitors and tracks personnel attendance.
– Processes employee time punches with an analysis of their working hours.
– Manages employee leaves.
– Schedules necessary shifts.
– Generates results needed for payroll application.

IMPORTANT: The software is essential, as repeated delays in submitting start and end declarations to ERGANI constitute grounds for inspection by the Social Insurance Institution (SEPE).

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