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Why Linkedin will help you develop your customer base

Linkedin is a powerful tool for growing your clientele and expanding your professional network. Linkedin can be the solution to finding customers and by extension to the profitability of your business It is a useful tool for:

Finding Potential Customers:

You can identify and connect with potential customers who are interested in your products or services.

Advertising Business Opportunities:

You can present your business potential by showcasing your achievements, activities and specializations.

Developing a Professional Network:

You can connect with other professionals in your industry who are interested in similar services, creating a powerful network.

More specifically, through a Linkedin Campaign, there are 3 steps to attracting customers:

1.Company and targeting

The POWER TEAM of EPIDOSIS provides publicity analysis services (quantitative and qualitative) using new, innovative tools and focusing on services based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


This is a smart search engine in relation to paid ads. After finding the target audience, we send messages and material to decision makers to get in touch. We use specialized tools and target by region, industry, title, and company criteria.

3.Messages - Short Messages

  • Stage 1

Introduction Message

  • Stage 2

Acceptance Message

  • Stage 3

Call to Action

Within 6 weeks, over 1000 requests are sent, with an acceptance rate of around 30%. The response rate is about 10%, meaning around 10 high-quality leads for your business!

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