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Online Software for Your Business Budget with the Contribution of EPIDOSIS!

The Revenue and Expense Budget of a business is an essential tool for its sustainability and growth, as it serves as the documented plan for its next day.

Your online software aids in creating annual operational plans and budgets, resulting in a comprehensive document with the complete details of the business plan, texts, calculations, and graphics. This document is automatically generated based on an integrated template and is ready for use, available in both English and Greek.

Key Features and Results:

  • • Creation of Detailed Budgets
  • • Calculation and Analysis of Financial Indicators
  • • Evaluation of Sales and Purchasing Policies
  • • Product Assessments and Margins
  • • Creation of Projected Balance Sheets and Income Statements
  • • Cash Flow Statement Generation
  • • Calculation of Annual Cash Programs
  • • Calculation of Working Capital and Financing Needs
  • • Break-even Analysis
  • • Funding Analysis (Sources & Uses of Capital)
  • • Risk Analysis

Used for:

  1. • Obtaining loans from banks
  2. • Planning new businesses
  3. • Introducing new products to the business
  4. • Making business expansion decisions
  5. • Evaluating the performance of the business

Significant Benefits:

  • • High quality and standardization of work for creating an Operational Plan
  • • Time savings
  • • Avoidance of human errors
  • • Organization based on international standards
  • • Provision of high-level and prestigious services with simultaneous profit opportunities
  • • Installed in almost all universities and technical colleges in Greece

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