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The Interview of EPIDOSIS CEO Christos Giovannoudis on One Channel. October 5th, 2023

Profitability & Business Taxation: Myths & Truths.

In the modern business world, profitability and taxation are two of the most critical factors determining the sustainability and competitiveness of a business. However, many myths and misconceptions have been formed around these issues, often leading to confusion and misunderstandings for entrepreneurs.

From the perception that high tax burdens inevitably reduce profits, to the myth that profitability automatically ensures tax compliance, the field is fraught with pitfalls and erroneous approaches.

In the latest episode of the television show “Marketing in Practice” broadcasted on ONE Channel, marketing consultant Themis Sarantaenas,
guest tax advisor Christos Giovannoudis, discuss business profitability and address myths about taxation to shed light on the truths and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between profitability and taxation in the business environment.

During the discussion, the difference between turnover and profitability was clarified, while simultaneously highlighting the issue of liquidity shortage that can lead a business to “sudden death.” can lead a business to “sudden death.” as well as strategies for addressing payment delays that create liquidity problems.

Furthermore, profitability was distinguished based on the type of business, , whether it involves products or services. Additionally, a brief analysis of the most important financial indicators that every business should monitor was conducted. In the final part of the discussion, detailed reference was made to tax planning, which appears to be the key to success

2/1 for every entrepreneur, provided it is done correctly. Finally, marketing consultant Themis Sarantaenas presented the Profit & Loss statement to the viewers.

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