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The importance of the right location for your business Project

In a rapidly changing world, where entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities, choosing the right location to implement your business project is more critical than ever.

The right location for the implementation of your business project is the most critical factor for its success. The role of location can affect aspects such as market access, tax regulations, operating costs. Particularly, choosing the country where you will establish a company for your business venture is the most important decision that affects the legal structure, taxation, business operation and by extension the success of your business.

Therefore, at EPIDOSIS, we recommend:

  • Formation of a Cypriot company: stable tax environment, in which the corporate tax is 12.5%, the dividend distribution tax is zero, as well as having extremely reduced insurance charges for employees reaching 25%, avoiding double taxation between Greece – Cyprus, for Tax Residents Abroad, as well as for the taxation of worldwide income.
  • Formation of a Bulgarian Company: internationalized business environment, it is considered an On Shore company and enjoys all the benefits as a member state of the European Union, with a fixed tax system with a tax rate of 10%, double taxation avoidance agreement, speed of procedures, minimal bureaucracy, low insurance contributions.

So, it is very important when we establish a company abroad, to be aware of the rules that harmonize the company with the existing tax and insurance legislation. At EPIDOSIS, our customers’ success is our success.

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