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Providing Citizen Case Handling Services with Public and Private Sectors

The rapid technological advancement is now evident in every citizen’s daily interactions with public and private services. With EPIDOSIS, you can handle your requests for public or private services without the need for your physical presence.

Specifically we provide:

  • Free pre-request information service for all required documents in each case
  • Processing of personal information and documents, adhering strictly
  • to the personal data protocol
  • Various processing and document submission methods with a tracking code for client monitoring
  • Handling of complex and consecutive requests , to different public or private entities, in Greece or abroad
  • Legal support for the verification of procedures, where required, and detailed client updates
  • We undertake initial connections in newly built buildings,,connections from legalization & subdivision or extension.
  • Transfer of pensions (primary and supplementary) due to death to the relevant

insurance funds

  • Issuance and renewal of amateur speedboat operator’s license and amateur boat sailing license
  • Commencement and completion of small-scale renovation projects for EFKA licenses
  • Declaration of well in the EMIS registry
  • Certification of disability (KEPA) We handle the application, coordinate with doctors, monitor the request, and upon receiving the decision, apply to all relevant services to obtain all entitled benefits for the beneficiary.

You can send us a message on the Contact Form or you can call at our offices in Athens 2106810690 or in Thessaloniki 2310477725 to analyze the above.

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