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Automatic Balance Sheet Software by EPIDOSIS Power Team!

The balance sheet is a crucial tool for the management and stakeholders of a business. It contributes to the financial health of the business, capital cost estimation, and compliance with accounting regulations.

The software is fully automated in its operation and comprehensive in generating its reports.

Specifically, with the simple and automatic import of the Balance Sheet from EXCEL, we have all the results immediately.

For financial statements:

  • Τrial Balance
  • Income Statement (for
  • Large & Small Businesses, Very Small Businesses)
  • Operating
  • Results (by Operation and by Type)
  • Statement of Changes in Net Position
  • Cash Flows
  • Board of Directors Report
  • End-of-Year Entries
  • Indicators
  • Critical Points

It is suitable for very small businesses, small businesses, medium-sized, and large businesses.

You can send us a message on the Contact Form  or you can call at our offices in Athens   2106810690 on in Thessaloniki 2310477725 to set the date of the seminar.

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