Setting up a company and transferring your registered office to Bulgaria - What I need to know

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Establishment of a company and transfer of headquarters to Bulgaria

Do I have to speak the language?

No, it is not a requirement. If communication is a problem, our office has a translator/interpreter recognized by the Bulgarian state, with many years of experience in the management of commercial and financial affairs.

Thus, we can provide you with translation services (Official Translation Centre) during the process of setting up your company (Ministries, Public Services, Banks, Organizations) as well as in the commercial part, when communicating with customers, partners, suppliers.

We provide you with document translation, e-mail translation, as well as official translation into any language you wish.

In addition, during your stay in Bulgaria and during your business visits to banks, ministries, public services, partners, etc., we provide you with an interpreter recognized by the Bulgarian state.

Can I buy a property in Bulgaria?

Choosing a reliable and experienced real estate advisor can save you valuable time. At EpidosisBG we provide you with consulting services to find the ideal commercial property and to buy, rent or sell your property. The purchase of real estate (industrial parks, shopping centers, offices, shops, etc.) is at extremely low prices, but is only carried out in the name of your Bulgarian company.

From finding the right area to finding the economically suitable property, it takes study, time, but also the experience that will help in identifying those elements that would not be discerned without expertise. Whether you are looking for a new commercial space or want to dispose of your property, we will make sure that we find what you are looking for at the most advantageous price for you and in a very short time.

If I sell or buy to and from EU countries, will I pay VAT?

No. Intra-Community transactions (between EU countries) are exempt from VAT through the VIES system. However, even Intra-Bulgarian transactions are cleared immediately and the VAT credit balance is refunded to your company's bank account within 45 days!

In the case of recruitment, the cost of labour charges is cheap

The labour force has extremely low wage and non-wage costs, as the basic wage of an unskilled worker is 190€ / month for 5-day, 8-hour work and his/her social security contributions are 80€ / month.

The entrepreneur is compulsorily insured with an institution in Bulgaria

If you are a company manager, you are insured in Bulgaria at a monthly cost of 70€ and are exempt from the insurance provider (EFKA) in Greece if you have a business. However, the opposite can also happen.

I have a business in Greece and I want to open one in Bulgaria, can I choose which of the two countries I will be insured in?

Of course, you can choose whether you are insured in Greece or Bulgaria and pay the relevant contributions, based on the relevant EU insurance legislation.

I want to create an e-shop, can I use the Bulgarian company for transactions?

Of course, you can sell your products through your e-shop all over the world, with a depository in Bulgaria.

If I buy products from Greek companies for my Bulgarian company, will I pay VAT?

No, if the Greek company that buys the products has the right to intra-Community transactions, it is exempt from paying VAT.

If I issue an invoice from my Bulgarian company to a Greek company, will the customer pay VAT?

No, if the customer's company has an intra-Community right, neither you nor the customer will pay VAT.

Our years of experience and expertise in the Bulgarian market make us the ideal partners to support you in any investment move in Bulgaria.

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