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Epidosis Ceo’s PODCAST: «Tax Support, the Secret to Business Success» @ kanali 1.

In the radio show “Entrepreneurship on FM” on Channel 1 – 90.4 FM on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, the role of Tax and Accounting support in a business was presented.

This is an issue that concerns both large and small businesses, startups, and anyone who wants to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Many believe that taxation is a simple tool for revenue collection by the government, but in reality, it can be the key to a business’s success. In the context of this show, we examined how the right tax strategy and the awareness about constantly changing tax rules can ensure the growth, stability, and competitive advantage of a business.

With Christos Giavanoudis, Executive Tax Consultant, as our guest, we discussed the primary goal of a business: revenue and profitability. We continued by dividing the roles of an accountant and a tax advisor. . Furthermore, we explored how professionals in the field perceive the added value that a tax advisor brings to businesses. We focused on the traps that businesses encounter in tax issues, discussing prevention and risk management strategies.

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The discussion then moved on to the topic of digital transformation, where we examined how professionals in the field deal with the new challenges in taxation and accounting services.

Finally, we explored the key steps a new business must take to comply with tax legislation. We heard advice for entrepreneurs on how to manage their tax obligations effectively.

Lastly, the discussion delved into the differences in taxation based on business structure, such as LTD Company, Public Companies, and Private Equity Companies in Greece and abroad.

We also explored the common mistakes businesses make in their tax statements and provided ways to avoid them.
The radio show “Entrepreneurship on FM” highlights entrepreneurship techniques and best practices. Through our guests, we offer a practical perspective on what small and medium-sized entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Using clear and understandable language, with a focus on the Municipality of Piraeus and the Attica region. We aim to make this time an educational and informative resource for entrepreneurs.
The show is hosted and presented by marketing consultant Themis Sarantaenas.

The show is broadcast live every Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00 on Channel 1 – 90.4 FM.

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