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AADE – myDATA: New versions for myDATA and the invoice system operational from 20/2

The new versions v1.0.8 for myDATA and v1.5.0 for the invoice system are being launched by AADE on Tuesday 20/02/2024, to adapt the technical specifications of the platform to the relevant updates of decision A. 1138/2020. 1138/2020. The additions in the new versions are the result of AADE’s ongoing collaboration with market stakeholders, aiming at the continuous improvement of our services.

Specifically, with the new
myDATA v1.0.8:

  • The processes for connecting cash register systems with POS are activated,
  • New documents are available, such as Shipment Note, Catering Order Slip, Receipt of Payment, and POS Return Receipt with an option for “Third Party Collections”,
  • The process for pre-filling and submitting the VAT Declaration with the income-expense rule is facilitated with the implementation of the new RequestVatInfo method,
  • The ability to pilot the transmission of distribution documents is provided,
  • A new method for transmitting payments in POS transactions for asynchronous transactions and a new method for transmitting documents under issuance for cases where the document issuance is not completed are implemented,
  • The ability to transmit omission and deviation by the Recipient for documents not transmitted or transmitted with deviation by the Issuer is introduced,
  • New combinations of expense characteristics are available to facilitate businesses in categorizing expenses

Furthermore, with the new version v1.5.0 for the invoice system, solutions for digital monitoring of goods circulation are provided, specifically:

  • It is possible to issue “Non-Associated” Distribution Documents, as well as “Mixed Type” Documents that carry both a position and Distribution Notes, and to define other associated entities during the issuance of a document (e.g., carrier),
  • The records on the purpose of circulation and the Units of Quantity Measurement are enriched,
  • The ability to enter the Taric Code for products is provided,
  • New combinations of characteristics are added in agreement with the latest version 1.0.8 of myDATA,
  • A statistical (dashboards) page per month – year is introduced.

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