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Technology: The Key to New Jobs

Following the pandemic and the continuous emergence of modern tools, technology is redefining needs, trends, and goals. The same applies to the job market, employees, their education, and skills.

Today, nearly half (45%) of industrial companies consider digitization as a key factor for creating new jobs in the operational technology sector over the next three years!

In a special study by Schneider for the industry, among other things, the skills gap in the industry is highlighted at a global level: Integrating new talents into the workforce is a major challenge for more than half of the companies surveyed (52%).

Alongside job creation, 70% of respondents agree that digitization will help address the talent shortagehighlighting the potential of digital tools to offer more than just productivity and efficiency, the study emphasizes.

It’s worth noting that the research found that over half of the respondents (52%) consider acquiring and retaining talent a challenge that can be overcome.

A key recommendation from the research is that industrial companies need to collaborate with partners from across the industrial ecosystem who can help address technological skills shortages with solutions, training, and other opportunities to prepare their workforce for the future.

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