10 Q & A for Establishing a Company in Bulgaria & Establishing a Branch in Greece

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10 ερωτήσεις και απαντήσεις για την ίδρυση εταιρίας στην Βουλγαρία:

1.Πρέπει να μιλάω τη γλώσσα;

As a client of EPIDOSIS it is not necessary to speak Bulgarian, as you have the advantage of the presence of our executive with knowledge of Greek and Bulgarian in any occasion deemed necessary, such as in banks, Ministries, Public services etc.

Excellent communication is a basic principle of our company and to achieve this we have Translators and Interpreters, recognized by the Bulgarian state. In EPIDOSIS, your need to understand the necessary documents ceases to exist, as our clients always receive a translation in any language they desire.

2.Μπορώ να ιδρύσω την εταιρία χωρίς να χρειαστεί να μεταβώ στη Βουλγαρία;

The process of setting up a company in Bulgaria is complicated and requires experience and knowledge on the specific subject. THE EPIDOSIS offers comprehensive support so that you only need one visit to the neighboring country to establish your company. By having an experienced member of our company by your side throughout your visit to Bulgaria, you ensure time and security in your transactions.

However, in the event that you cannot move to Bulgaria, the EPIDOSIS enables you to choose to set up a company remotely. This presupposes an additional financial burden, your visit to the Bulgarian Embassy in Athens or the Bulgarian Consulate in Thessaloniki and the opening of a capital and current bank account via the Internet, in order to start the operation of the new business.

3.Αν έχω εταιρία στην Βουλγαρία ασφαλίζομαι υποχρεωτικά σε κάποιον φορέα στην Βουλγαρία; Μπορώ να επιλέξω σε ποια από τις δύο χώρες θα είμαι ασφαλισμένος;

As a business owner in Bulgaria, you can be insured with the Bulgarian insurance company by paying a monthly cost of €92, which exempts you from the Greek insurance company (EFKA), in the event that you do business in Greece.

However, based on the relevant insurance legislation of the EU, you have the possibility to choose whether you want to be insured in Greece or Bulgaria and therefore pay the corresponding contributions. THE EPIDOSIS provides comprehensive accounting proposals that concern your entire business activity, so that as our client you always make the safest and least expensive choice.

4.Μπορώ να αγοράσω ή να μισθώσω ακίνητο στην Βουλγαρία;

Real estate in Bulgaria has extremely low prices and as a Bulgarian company owner you can buy or rent any type of real estate, such as offices, shops, residences, etc. THE EPIDOSIS can lead you to the most profitable business move, securing the best possible property, while saving you valuable time from research and finding.

5.Μπορώ να αγοράσω όχημα στην Βουλγαρία;

Similarly to the purchase of real estate, Bulgaria is also suitable for the purchase of a car. The cost of buying or renting a car is particularly low compared to Greece, so you can drive cars, which in Greece are extremely expensive. As a company owner in Bulgaria you can buy or lease a company or business car. As her client EPIDOSIS you are in the privileged position of being able to easily and quickly procure the car of your dreams through her GCCARS. You immediately have an extremely economical leasing plan, without fine print and hidden charges, so that you can drive your favorite car everywhere and fearlessly at the lowest possible cost.

6.Θέλω να δημιουργήσω ένα e-shop, μπορώ να χρησιμοποιήσω την Βουλγάρικη εταιρία για της συναλλαγές;

You can sell your company's products through your e-shop worldwide, with a warehouse in Bulgaria. Business activity in Bulgaria not only ensures a better tax regime but also an opening to new markets. Having an e-shop in Bulgaria you can increase the turnover of your business by selling simultaneously in multiple markets. Bulgaria, in addition to being a privileged tax destination, with a tax rate of 10%, is a rapidly developing country, which is looking for new entrepreneurs within it.Therefore, not only can you use your Bulgarian company for your transactions, but it will also be the best move towards increasing your turnover.

7.Σε περίπτωση πρόσληψης προσωπικού, ποιο είναι το κόστος των εργατικών επιβαρύνσεων;

The labor force has extremely low salary and non-salary costs, as indicatively we mention that the basic salary of an unskilled worker is around 200€/month for 5-day, 8-hour work and his insurance contributions are 92€/month.

8.Εάν η εταιρία μου πουλάει ή αγοράζει από και προς τις χώρες της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, θα πληρώνω ΦΠΑ;

Intra-Community transactions (between European Union states) are exempt from VAT, through the VIES system. At the same time, Intra-Bulgarian transactions are cleared immediately and the VAT credit balance is returned to your company's bank account within 45 days.

9.Αν αγοράζω προϊόντα από Ελληνικές εταιρίες για την Βουλγαρική εταιρεία μου, θα πληρώνω το Φ.Π.Α;

Since the Greek company from which you buy the products has the right of intra-community transactions, you are exempt from paying VAT.

10.Αν εκδώσω ένα τιμολόγιο από την Βουλγαρική μου εταιρεία σε μία ελληνική, θα πληρώσει ο πελάτης ΦΠΑ;

As long as your client's company has the right of intra-Community transactions, no one is charged with VAT.

ίδρυση εταιρίας Βουλγαρία












Establishment of a branch in Greece

So if you have a company in Bulgaria, we can undertake the establishment of a Branch in our country and you will reap SIGNIFICANT benefits - advantages.

  • Zero Contributions to EFKA regardless of the amount of income for the Legal Representative as well as for all owners of the company.
  • Exemption from Dividend Distribution in Greece (where the rate is 10% for Legal Entities) and repatriation of capital to the parent company abroad (Bulgaria).
  • Legal Representative (instead of Administrator) with the possibility of appointing any person with a Greek VAT number without affecting the company, if from other activities (previously) he had debts to the Tax Office, Insurance Funds and Banks.
  • Imposition of 28% Income Tax in Greece, but with SPECIAL TREATMENT as he submits a Consolidated Balance Sheet with the Central, so his net worth is "lightened" SIGNIFICANTLY.
  • Possibility of routing Intra-Community Transactions (without VAT) through the Parent company in Bulgaria.
  • Available Cash that is jointly configured with the Head Office in Abroad and gives the flexibility to transfer funds and internal borrowing

In other matters, the Aliens Branch has in our country:

  • Normal VAT
  • It has a Greek tax identification number and is subject to the DOU of anonymous companies
  • Tax Cash Machine or Tax Mechanism
  • Maintains Diploma Books (3rd Class)
  • Employs staff with Social Security Insurance
  • Rents facilities in our country (store, office, production unit, warehouse, etc.)
  • Can have ANY ACTIVITY (KAD)
  • And in general it behaves and is treated (in other matters) like Greek companies

Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στα γραφεία μας στη Thessaloniki στο τηλέφωνο +30 2310 477725 & at our offices in Athens στο τηλέφωνο +30 210 681 0690 or make an appointment below.

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