What should I pay attention to when setting up the company in Bulgaria?

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Ίδρυση της εταιρείας στην Βουλγαρία

Despite the favourable business environment, there are obstacles to be overcome and risks to be taken into account. Epidosis, being fully aware of the responsibility it assumes towards the client-investor, wants to warn and disclose potential risks and problems... because business always involves risks.

Some of them are:

  • There is a lack of expertise in businesses and executives
  • The public administration works relatively slowly
  • The country's infrastructure is at a low level
  • The difficulty in communicating with the Bulgarian companies
  • Tackling corruption
  • The buildings that house the businesses are not new constructions, however there are significant investment opportunities

What Epidosis would advise me before I make my final decision

  • Plan the transfer of your headquarters slowly and carefully to avoid mistakes that can be fatal
  • Study the country's business environment as best you can and identify factors that are likely to be inhibiting
  • Trust a trusted advisor who will guide you responsibly and stay with you even after your company is established

Setting up your business in Bulgaria is a matter for Epidosis. All you need to do is decide!

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