The last 3 years many things have changed in the way the employees are working, wars, pandemics, searching for a better living place (or tax haven). However, all these factors should not hold people back from pursuing their careers.

According to a recent Qualtrics report, 80% of employees who are looking for a new job said that it was important that their next job would offer them the opportunity to live anywhere. The employers received the message of this trend.

Spotify launches a motto for working:

“Work isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do.”

We give our people the freedom to work where they work best, wherever that may be

The working anywhere model allows employees to choose where and how they work within certain geographic parameters.

But, what about taxes? What about double taxation? What if you are travelling a lot, where will you declare your income? What is the best tax option?  So, there are many things Digital Nomads, the citizens of the world, need to manage and answer about all these special tasks.

 In the last 40 years, here in Epidosis we are specialized as a Tax & Accounting Firm and support many clients.

We are supporting freelancers and Digital Nomads around the world via special advisors and match their needs with effective and efficient solutions about the costs. We provide all the necessary information and answers to your worries.

The 360ο integrated tax planning we offer, along with a huge range of core and complementary services, will embrace every aspect of your business and will take you steadily to the top.

If this sounds like YOU, & You’re smiling reading this, then contact me directly at [email protected]

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