Setting up a company in Bulgaria: Choose a reliable partner to avoid going blind


Establishment of a company in Bulgaria

Hundreds of Greek businessmen were in for a surprise when they had to present to the Bulgarian authorities (by 30/9) the cash reserves that their company was displaying. The cash assets had to be in bank accounts or at the company's offices, but many professionals were not informed and found themselves unprepared for the audit.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such phenomena have occurred. Often entrepreneurs believe that they are operating within a framework of absolute legality and end up being fiscally exposed.

The partner who will implement the establishment and monitor the operation of the company in Bulgaria plays a decisive role in the legality and security of the whole process.
It is important for every entrepreneur who wishes to benefit from Bulgaria's "tax haven" to choose a reliable partner to implement their plan.

Key points for the safest choice of partner:

  1. Selection of an organized firm rather than an individual Consultant. It is a fact that setting up a company in any country requires the involvement of more than one professional discipline (accountant, lawyer, etc.).
  2. A reliable partner has real offices in both Greece and Bulgaria. It is important, in addition to the usual office near the Greek border, to have facilities in the capital Sofia. This is where the country's Central Services are located and is connected by air to many European cities.
  3. The company's people speak Greek, Bulgarian and English! It has been proven that communicating in broken Bulgarian-English leads to significant errors.
  4. Have proven knowledge of Bulgarian, Greek and European Tax Law and Commercial Law. This is ensured when accountants and lawyers, Greeks and Bulgarians, work together at the same time.
  5. Have experience in Greek-Bulgarian business activities so that they know and have dealt with all the parameters.
  6. The most important thing is that the partner inspires security and confidence! If something raises doubts about his or her creditworthiness, our advice is to investigate immediately and take action!

Setting up a company in Bulgaria is safe when done correctly and at Epidosis we have been proving it every day for more than 7 years. Our specialized team provides comprehensive accounting, consulting and support services to businesses in Greece and Bulgaria.

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