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Expanding a company and starting business in a new market includes several opportunities to maximize profit but on the other hand requires immediate and crucial support. Epidosis, having developed a large network of partners throughout Europe can offer you direct solutions with one large number of support services in any matter that arises.

Epidosis maintains physical offices in Poland, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria and can respond immediately and effectively to the needs of your business, wherever and however it is located. The expertise and experience we have gained in managing complex problems allows us to move safely and quickly achieving the lowest possible cost for your business.

  1. Market research for companies and products
  2. Vehicle leasing and purchase services for individuals and professionals
  3. Vehicle transfers
  4. Real estate brokerages
  5. Customs Formulations – Customs Clearance
  6. Company development and marketing support
  7. Logistics services – Transportation
  8. Tax office

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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