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The modern commercial and business environment is characterized by intense variability, challenges and several peculiarities. The continuous changes in the economic and business context directly affect businesses and individuals, making support through legal representation and consulting both in Greece and in any country you choose to develop your business activity.

Businesses and professionals may be faced with unexpected legal cases, especially when they operate in a foreign country and are not sufficiently familiar with its legal framework. Epidosis provides comprehensive legal support services consistently and efficiently both in its business environment Greece as well as in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland.

Focus on the development of your business activity without spending time on legal procedures and cases that will arise both during the establishment and the subsequent development of your company. Our many years of experience and knowledge of all the issues you may face will increase your chances of success at the lowest possible cost.

At Epidosis we have the necessary know-how to offer the highest level legal services with consistency of word and deed. Together we will successfully face every legal challenge that will arise both inside and outside the borders.

The personalized legal services and key advice you will receive will cover every aspect of your business from establishment and day-to-day operations to company development to new countries and markets.

  1. Claiming compensations and arrears
  2. Drafting of the necessary legal documents concerning the process of setting up and converting a company, in the context of merger, consolidation, separation and division
  3. Legal protection of labor disputes, professional accommodation and insurance funds
  4. Planning and completion of the dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy process of a company
  5. Opinion on notarial acts such as transfer of corporate shares and ownership of vehicles, validation of powers of attorney, etc.
  6. Legal protection from transactions with banks and public bodies
  7. Providing consulting and legal support in corporate agreements and commercial contracts
  8. Criminal legal protection

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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