Expand Your Business in Cyprus - Poland - Bulgaria - Greece


Expand Your Business in Cyprus - Poland - Bulgaria - Greece

Many entrepreneurs are wondering what is the specific business strategy that will allow you to enjoy the favourable tax facilities of Cyprus or Bulgaria, without interrupting your activity in Greece at all. Η the establishment of a branch of a foreign company in Greece, the transfer of the registered office to Cyprus or to Bulgaria will give your company a tremendous competitive advantage over other domestic companies.

The foreign branch (LTD) is an additional corporate form, which allows you to gain easier access to international markets with all the significant competitive advantages that entail, while enjoying all the benefits of your continuous business activity in Greece.

Full specialization in tax-privileged destinations

The comprehensive tax planning that we offer, thanks to many years of experience and involvement with the Tax and Insurance Legislation in Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria, allows us to propose unique solutions that fully meet the needs of your business.

At the same time, our physical presence with offices in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland, ensures you, through excellent communication with our company's executives, the overall support for all issues that will concern your company.

So if you are interested in reaping the significant benefits and advantages of establishing a branch, it would be a pleasure to meet with you via videoconference or in person at our offices in Athens (210 220 6611) and at Thessaloniki (2310 477 725).

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