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Today, most successful businesses are extroverted by attracting a global clientele. However, the decision to establish or operate a company abroad includes several parameters. One of the most crucial is the different language used both in daily communication and in commercial transactions but with the state machinery of each country.

The translation department of Epidosis consists of specialized translators who hold an official license with the right to sign and affix the official seal of The Hague (Apostille) to any translated document. At the same time, the interpretation services can cover you throughout your stay in Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria with certified interpreters who will accompany you to banks, ministries, public organizations and business meetings.

The effective and successful business expansion your market in a different language depends on the accuracy and specialized translation performance of your business. At Epidosis, we understand that each language has its own peculiarities, so all our translators are familiar with the terminology and current expressions of the language being translated into.

Flexibility, adaptation to requirements, keeping commitments, know-how and fast response – the integrated translation and interpretation services the integrated translation and interpretation services

The high quality of services combined with consistency in delivery times will be a valuable ally at every stage of your new business activity.

  1. Specialized translation and interpretation services in Bulgarian, Polish, English and Greek
  2. Translations of legal, financial, medical and technical texts with special terminologies
  3. Validation and visa of translated documents
  4. Website translations
  5. Translation of corporate and commercial documents related to transactions with customers, suppliers and partners
  6. Special translations related to bank account opening, legalizing documents, company statutes, etc.
  7. Translations of texts against the process of setting up a company or transferring headquarters in Bulgaria, Poland, Cyprus and Greece
  8. Interpreting services during business visits with partners, ministries, banks, public services, etc.

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