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In the modern and constantly changing economic environment, new and existing businesses are trying to identify the appropriate sources of support to support and develop their operation. Their main objective is to obtain the competitive advantage that will make them differentiate and stand out in their field of activity. One of the most important criteria for them to achieve this is undoubtedly smooth and continuous access to financing.

Epidosis has the appropriate experience and professional expertise to prepare a thorough and complete economic and technical study that includes and examines all the parameters required for the business financing or your business idea from an available program NSRF.

Epidosis provides specialized consulting services related to the preparation of the appropriate investment plan, the management of the file, the necessary supervision for the proper observance and execution of the work that has been agreed in order to achieve the effective outcome of the business plan.

Epidosis is constantly looking for new investment and business proposals to join NSRF funding programs. One of the main sources of support for business activity are the programs and actions co-financed by Greek and European Union resources. Obviously, the subsidy process is an important tool that promotes healthy entrepreneurship and supports successful corporate development. Businesses in Greece can benefit from a multitude of available financial tools that will help them realize their investment and business plans.

  1. Investigating and processing the business purposes of the investment entity
  2. Search, evaluate and identify opportunities offered through funding programs
  3. Compilation and submission of the investment proposal to the institution
  4. Drafting and conclusion of the agreement regarding the cooperation and the undertaking of the project, based on the objectives of the organization and the requirements of the program
  5. Planning and preparation of an economic and technical study as well as viability and feasibility studies
  6. Compilation of technical audit reports and opinions for the successful management of the investment plan
  7. Compilation of technical audit reports and opinions for the successful management of the investment plan

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