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Greece offers diverse and attractive investment opportunities by implementing significant reform measures that favour both new and existing businesses. It is an outward-looking economy, focused on long-term growth and enjoys monetary and political stability, being a member of the Eurozone and the EU. Its important geographical location makes it the economic centre of South East Europe and an ideal gateway to both the Middle East and Western Europe and North Africa.

The establishment of a company and the implementation of an investment in Greece is accompanied by several investment incentives. A highly competitive market, high quality services, a skilled workforce, a developed logistical infrastructure and investment frameworks that support the creation of new businesses.

Greece's return to a path of sustainable and balanced growth and the start of a vibrant period for its economy, allows for the unhindered implementation of any activity in a wide range of investment sectors.

  1. Accounting services for businesses and individuals
  2. Personalised tax planning with a strong advisory character
  3. Notarial acts
  4. Customs clearance services - customs formalities
  5. Compilation of economic and technical studies and business plans - business plan
  6. NSRF funded programmes
  7. Organisation, training and supervision of accounting departments
  8. Compilation, processing and submission of tax returns
  9. Filing a file for commercial vehicle rentals and leases
  10. Closure and final liquidation of a company in Greece
  11. Intermediation in the granting of loans

With more than 30 years of experience in the Greek reality, we can respond to any request with speed and efficiency. Ο integrated tax planning we offer, the comprehensive accounting coverage and the specialised auditing service will shield your business from any tax issue that may arise. Together we will analyze your real needs and implement the appropriate plan and optimal strategy with services that will cover your entire business activity in Greece.

We support new entrepreneurship in Greece and offer personalized support through a huge range of basic and complementary services. The search for new business and investment opportunities, the identification of financial subsidies and the proper execution of the agreed project will turn your ideas into feasible and successful investment plans.

This type of company allows you to take advantage of the foreign investment-friendly climate in certain foreign countries (Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria) without having to stop your business activity within the borders. By moving your headquarters abroad and setting up branch in Greece you can enjoy favourable tax provisions and significant competitive advantages over other domestic companies.

The constant amendments to the legal framework in Greece can directly affect the operation of your company, making legal support and representation essential. Our extensive experience and high level of expertise enables us to deal with the full range of legal issues you may face.

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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