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Cyprus is a magnet for the business world as it presents a series of insurance, legal and tax advantages. A member of the European Union since 2004, with a secure banking system that is friendly to the movement of capital, it is a particularly attractive destination for foreign investment.

The constantly developing infrastructure system, the highly educated professional staff and the absence of bureaucratic obstacles during the process of establishing a company in Cyprus make it ideal for any business activity.

All of the above, combined with the country's global profile as well as the additional incentives for any foreign company to proceed with establishing a company in Cyprus, have determined a climate of positivity and continuous development, which allows flexibility in the management of businesses at low costs accounting monitoring.

  1. Opening and releasing a corporate bank account in Cyprus
  2. Avoiding tax penalties through cash flow control
  3. VAT refund claims with efficiency and accounting accuracy
  4. Repatriation of funds to Greece from dividends of a Cypriot company
  5. Your registration as a tax resident of Cyprus
  6. Cessation of operations and final liquidation of a company in Cyprus
  7. Mediation in granting loans to Cypriot companies
  8. Drafting and submission of business plans for Cypriot companies
  9. Filing a file for commercial vehicle rentals and leases
  10. Creation of a website in English and Greek in order to strengthen tax security
  11. Exemption from EFKA contributions for tax residents of Cyprus

In order for your business venture to be successful and safe, the appropriate plan and best practices must be implemented. THE integrated tax planning that we offer, due to our long-term experience and engagement with the tax system of Cyprus, allows us to propose unique solutions that fully respond to each case - yours. With high training, deep knowledge and confidentiality we will cover your every business need both in Greece and Cyprus.

Company registration in Cyprus is an extremely simple process and is completed without the expedited process within a week or with the expedited process within 3-4 working days. At the same time, Cyprus legislation allows you to transfer your headquarters from third countries, giving companies the right to become tax residents, gaining significant competitive advantages.

Do you know that you can obtain a legal company in Cyprus, fully integrated into the European VIES system and all the necessary certificates? Within 10 days, we undertake the processing of all procedures and the transfer of the corporate share so that the company can carry out any commercial activity.

What specific business strategy allows you to enjoy the favorable tax provisions of Cyprus without interrupting your activity in Greece at all? The establishment of a foreign branch in Greece and the transfer of headquarters to Cyprus will provide your company with a significant competitive advantage over other local companies.

Contact an Epidosis representative directly and receive personalized consulting for your business.

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